Tired of complicated diets, overpriced supplements, and unrealistic workouts?

We can help: At Muscle That Matters, we provide simple, practical fitness and nutrition programs for busy men and women who want to live with energy, health, and confidence.

… Even if you’ve tried every diet, pill, and fancy new workout technique out there with no success (only to end up with less cash in your bank account).

… Even if you feel like it’s impossible for you to get - and stay - in great shape.

And yes, especially if you have a family and other priorities outside of fitness and need a simple, practical approach that fits into your busy lifestyle.  

Why choose Online Coaching from Muscle That Matters?

Online coaching from Muscle That Matters is a service that delivers and improves upon the benefits of having a trainer guiding you to your fitness goals.

Now, we get that there are a thousand-and-one places you could get fitness advice from.

But here’s why we think you should choose to turn to Muscle That Matters online coaching to help you reach your health and fitness goals:

Around here, we have ONE mission: To help busy men and women with families build a body they’re proud of and live with energy, health, and confidence.

We’re here to help you reclaim your body and take back your life.

Our aim is to build stronger fathers who can better lead their families. Stronger mothers who can discover the confidence they need to enjoy all that a healthy lifestyle has to offer.

We have the credentials AND a proven track record for getting men and women just like you life-changing results.

We’re ruthless in our fight against hype and false claims that do more to confuse and frustrate you than help.

We know the unique challenges you face, from trying to figure out how to balance your health and fitness goals with family responsibilities to powering through sleepless nights to navigating the struggle of eating healthy when your kids hate broccoli. 

When you join our online coaching program, you don't get cookie-cutter programs designed by and for some single dude who's got all the time and energy to workout for hours each day and prepare six perfectly balanced meals each day.

Through proven, scientifically-backed programs, we’ll show you how to fit health and fitness into YOUR lifestyle—even with kids and 9-5 stress and endless to-do lists—and teach you the foundations that will last a lifetime.

Whether you just want to look and feel better; or you want to achieve a specific physique or performance-related goal—we’ll provide a simple, practical approach that will get you there.

Here's how our online coaching works:

Customized Workouts:

We use the 7 Pillars of Movement to create a plan of attack that fits your schedule, fitness level, and accessibility. You won't just be mindlessly tossing weights around. We'll show you how to train for movement with a purpose so that you can see the payoff every day, no matter what you're doing. 

Progress Tracking:

We can only manage what we measure. Constant progress tracking will ensure no time is wasted in getting you to your desired body. Most people get this wrong by tracking the wrong things (or zeroing in on just ONE thing). We'll help you track the things that really matter so that you can see your progress each way in a clear, concise way. 

Customized Nutrition Guidance

We use the 5 Pillars of Nutrition to develop a system that fits your life and preferences with a focus on sustainability. You won't find "Crash diets" or overpriced pills and powders required here. We'll show you practical, proven strategies you can use to optimize your body for fat loss, lean muscle growth, and improved energy. 


Making positive changes is hard. You can feel confident with a coach at your side walking you through every step of the process. Through email support and live coaching calls, we'll make all of your questions are answered and that you're set up for success. 

Why Online Coaching is Better Than
1-on-1 Coaching

Let’s be honest, having a personal trainer is expensive, especially if you’ve found a good one. Showing up to the gym and having your workouts designed for you, weights loaded, and form corrected every time you shift into a bad position is a luxury that not many are afforded.

It’s commonplace to see rates start at a dollar a minute for one-on-one attention and not unusual to see that number climb to the 3 digit mark per session!

Yikes. The cost efficiency of online training doesn’t just apply to the trainee. The coach benefits from being able to service more clients and frees them up from the grind of working early mornings and late nights to fit others’ schedule. Trust us when we say a well rested coach is infinitely more valuable than a sleep deprived, caffeine fueled maniac who hasn’t had a vacation in 4 years because they can’t afford to not see clients. Online coaching is a win win for both the client and coach. Services that at one point were unavailable to many are now affordable. Our top level online offering is cheaper than meeting twice a week for one-on-one training.

Better Scheduling

Have you ever been frustrated with having to fit your sessions into a busy trainer's workload? If you hit traffic and miss 10 minutes of your workout they are sacrificed to the ethos and never returned as you have to start and stop based on your coaches schedule. What about the fact that some people don’t need a 60 minute session, or that others may need more? Online coaching eliminates the archaic model of meeting for predetermined sessions and frees you up to train when it best fits YOUR schedule.

Better Experience

When walking into most health clubs and inquiring about hiring a coach you end up getting stuck with the newest trainer as they have the most open schedule. Nevermind finding the expert who specializes in delivering the goal you seek, if they are still at a big box gym (unlikely) their schedule is full and rates are astronomical. The fitness industry has one of the highest turnover rates of any professional trade. 80% of coaches never make it past the 2 year mark.

Why? Because it’s hard, competition is fierce, and there is ZERO industry standard for what constitutes being able to call yourself a coach. Online coaching with Muscle That Matters is provided by a Certified Online Personal Trainer and 10-year veteran who has helped hundreds of people achieve lasting results.

If experience is the best teacher, then Eric fits into the small faction who’s committed to helping YOU achieve amazing results.

Me and coaching client Kevin after dominating an obstacle race!

Better Results

The secret is…there is no secret! What has worked to get people a better looking, strong, healthy body and living a better life hasn’t changed in 70 years and likely won’t for another 70. There are 3 things every coach is responsible for delivering: – More muscle – Less fat – Better overall feeling/more energy.

We take pride in our services delivering one or all of those things.
Chances are good that your goals can be boiled down to one of those 3 objectives. If not, our coaching may not be for you, and that’s OK. We also pride ourselves in helping you find what you need, not what’s best for our pocket book. Best of all, if you follow the instructions you’re given results are guaranteed.

I’ve stripped away all the nonsense spread around the dogmatic fitness industry and deliver a program that works – but only if you do. There are no secret pills, foods, training styles, etc. Just the good stuff. You know, the kind that actually works. Finally, customization is the name of the game. With a coach at your side you can look forward to creating a plan that is custom tailored to YOU.

Save time and money by working out on your own schedule while still having the accountability and expertise of a coach at your side. Skip all of the crap being peddled around by would be trainers and learn how to eat in a realistic manner that compliments the time you put into your body.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Eric Weinbrenner, founder of Muscle That Matters. I’m a husband, father, personal trainer, and writer. In the fitness world, I’ve worked with everyone from athletes to average Joe’s and Jane’s doing one thing particularly well:

Simplifying fitness and nutrition so you can build a better-looking, better-performing body without obsessing over fitness or resorting to extreme measures.

… often whom have kids and hobbies and responsibilities outside of fitness get in the best shape of their life, no matter their age.


Brent Brent

I’ve been athletic my entire life, and have always made “working out” a part of my life. I’ve been in good shape before, but I couldn’t ever maintain it. With Eric's program it has been completely different. Not only did I lose 20 pounds of fat and 4.5 inches off my waist in 16 weeks – I also gained muscle, strength and improved my conditioning. I added 30 pounds to my deadlift, increased my max pull-ups from 15-20, and decreased my one-mile time by 52 seconds.

Chris Chris

I’ve now lost 20 pounds on the program, and I feel great! This is the first time I’ve been under 200 pounds since I got married two years ago. The workouts leave me feeling stronger and more capable of taking on whatever life throws my way – and as a husband and father with a new baby at home, this is very important to me. In the past, I’ve been able to get in good shape for a short period of time, but I could never make it “stick.” With Eric’s program, I feel like I am getting in the best shape of my life AND I’ll know how to maintain it for years and years going forward.

Kevin Kevin

The time and research put into developing the programs is evident. Making adjustments for better results along the way, the lessons you email and the articles you write are inspiring and game-changers. The time and research, attention to detail, and expertise is truly rare in this industry, and your passion to help others get where they want to be is worth it!

Justin Justin

Following Eric's program helped me lose over 6 inches off my waist. My clothes are fitting looser but also more snug around my chest and shoulders. This program has gotten me to the point of a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix by helping me stay focused and positive.

Tyler Tyler

I'm in better shape now than I was 10 years ago as a college athlete. Last week, I logged a 6:20 mile AFTER my lower body workout - and I've been able to improve my conditioning while watching my strength in the gym SOAR. The MTM method is the most efficient, most effective way of working out that I've ever done.

How Much Does This Cost?

Online training can be made available at a fraction of the cost of in-person training. When I used to train people at a local health club, typical rates were $60 per hour. At three sessions a week, that's $720 per month!

But with online training, you get all of the perks -- customized workouts and nutrition guidance, support for a fraction of the cost.

Current rates for new online coaching clients range from $179/month to $229/month. 

... That means you're getting up to FOUR MONTHS of online training for the same price you'd pay for ONE month at a local health club.



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